The market remains in relatively high demand for scrap electromagnets.

The market remains in relatively high demand for scrap electromagnets.

DIMET group has started the production of the first batch of  EMG-SM scrap electromagnets in 2021.  This product line is in the most demand in the European and American markets.  According to the preliminary sales analysis in this segment, the slowing down of the world economy had almost no impact on the activity of some of our customers.


This kind of attention of our customers can be explained by the excellent quality of DIMET EMG SM electromagnets and their outstanding performance. Thus our engineers were able to reach higher levels of energy efficiency of DIMET EMG SM that can be compared to the similar scrap magnets of the European competitors or even surpass them. At the same time, we offer our partners the more attractive supply terms. 


It should be reminded that the excellent performance of EMG SM scrap electromagnets has been confirmed by special tests and real work at various sites around the world. Last year our partners from #Sennebogen included them in their official catalogue. 


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