Lifting magnets

Lifting magnets are devices used to handle ferromagnetic materials that pick up a load by means of a magnetic field. 


The principle of operation of all magnets is the same - the magnet creates a magnetic field, and by closing the magnetic field over a ferromagnetic load, the load is attracted to the magnet with a force called the pull-off strength. When handling certain types of loads, it is necessary to design electromagnets that create different configurations of magnetic fields. As a result, there is a wide variety of lifting magnets available for handling different loads.


Types of magnets 



Fields of application


Lifting magnets are used wherever there are ferromagnetic materials to be worked with and handled, such as metallurgical plants with integrated production and process facilities, foundries, metal processing plants, warehouses for rolled products, scrap yards.


A glance at the most important advantages


  •  The extensive export experience we have gained is a strong testimony of the high quality our electromagnets provide. CE marking confirms that DIMET lifting magnets comply with the European quality standards
  •  The application of dedicated program systems during the development phase makes an early, design-phase, modeling of magnetic fields possible
  •  The use of high quality materials guarantees the quality and durability of our products
  •  Modern technological processes guarantee the supervision on the reliability and the quality control at all the stages of manufacturing our products


User benefits


  •  Equipment that can be easily operated. No additional personnel required to pick up and put down the load.

  •  A variety of load shapes available easily to handle them. With its experience and a large number of successful projects, the DIMET team can solve any complex task.

  •  Damage to the load is avoided. The contact area of the magnet with the load is large, so unlike mechanical grabs, the lifting magnets do not damage the load.

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