Lifting magnets

Lifting magnets

Lifting magnets are devices used to move ferromagnetic materials that pick up a load by means of a magnetic field. When current flows through a conductive coiled wire, magnetic field lines arise around each loop of the coiled wire or solenoid, and these magnetic fields form when added together a magnetic total field. As an electromagnet we refer to a solenoid with a steel core inside it.

A load-lifting electromagnet consists of a solenoid enclosed in a shape-specific conductive wire. As electric current "flows" through the coiled wire, a magnetic field develops magnetizing the metal and by means of this magnetic field, the loaded item is held. Turning off the current causes the magnetic field to disappear and the load to be unclamped and thus released from the solenoid.



Types of magnets 


Metal scrap lifting electromagnets:



Electromagnets for semi-finished metal products, rolled products, slabs:




Fields of application


Load-lifting electromagnets are wherever there are ferromagnetic materials to be worked with and handled, such as metallurgical plants with integrated production and process facilities, foundries, metal processing plants, warehouses for rolled products, scrap metal collection points


Also, it is recommended to use large electromagnets (magnetic discs) for fitting on mobile handling machines of types such as, for instance, Fuchs, Liebherr, Atlas, Sennebogen, Cat, Kovrovec, Tveks, as part of a set which consists also of a generator-driven control system and a special spreader thus allowing the use of the electromagnet without the need to remove the grab.



A glance at the most important advantages


  •  Maximum load capacity achieved with a minimum mass of the solenoid as a source of the magnetic field due to the special design of the magnetic core
  •  Solenoid coil made of high-quality aluminum wire APSD (winding wire made of aluminum, insulated with two layers of winding glass fiber, impregnated with heat-resistant glyphthalate varnish) or copper wire PSDK (winding wire made of copper, insulated with two layers of winding glass fiber, impregnated with heat-resistant glyphthalate varnish
  •  The high-quality insulation used significantly reduces the risk of short-circuiting the windings
  •  The coil protection is excellent and very reliable and the solenoid has a considerably longer service life due to a special non-magnetic protection plate
  •  The pressure bars of the electromagnets are made of steel grade 09G2S, which is characterized by increased strength and wear resistance 
  •  The high quality casting and impregnation compounds have high thermal class and insulating ability 



User benefits


  •  Convenient and easy to use
  •  Easily repaired
  •  Longer-lived due to improved quality
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