Electropermanent lifting magnets


Electropermanent load lifting magnets are devices for handling ferromagnetics, gripping the load by using the magnetic field. Unlike electromagnets, the magnetic field in these devices is created by permanent magnets, so no power supply is required to maintain the magnetic field. Electric current is only needed to switch the electropermanent magnet on and off. Two types of permanent magnets are used in electropermanent magnets, with one magnet easily reversing its polarity. After attaching the magnet to the load, the coil receives a polarity reversal pulse, and the magnetic field of the two magnet types closes over the load. To switch off the electropermanent magnet, a pulse with reversed polarity must be provided so that the permanent magnet returns to its original operating state. This causes the magnetic field inside the magnet to close and the load to disengage.



Fields of application


Electropermanent lifting magnets are used wherever ferromagnetics are required to be handled. These are metallurgical plants of integrated production, metal processing plants, warehouses for rolled products. But there is also a limitation for this type of magnet used: the load must have a low magnetic resistance. In other words, electropermanent magnets are not suitable for loads such as scrap metal and are not efficient for handling bundles of rebar and other loose bulk materials.


Distinctive features


  •  Lower operating costs: No power is consumed when the magnet is on because the coil only needs to be energized to turn the magnet on and off.
  •  Advanced material safety performance: Electric power is only required to switch the magnet. In case of power failure, the load will not fall down and keep on being held for a long time.
  •  Prolonged working cycle: For the work of the magnet, continuous mains operation is not necessary, so there is no risk of heat accumulation. Consequently, a high duty cycle and a longer operation cycle are achievable.
  •  Steady load carrying capacity


User benefits


  •  Economy of current 
  •  High safety rating
  •  Easy handling
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