Lifting equipment

Production of lifting and hoisting equipment


The in-house production of lifting equipment is a complex technological process. This is because not only the quality of the lifting equipment, but also the safety and success of the design and production work depend on each individual design and manufacturing step. 


Areas of application 


Lifting equipment is used for the following purposes, among others:


  •  Load handling in company work areas (construction sites, warehouses);
  •  Unloading and loading products for use in warehouses and production facilities;
  •  Lifting of constructions and loads with subsequent transport;
  •  Coordinating the movement of goods at height.


It is important to choose the manufacturer and distributor of lifting equipment responsibly to ensure long life and reliability. 


DIMET - lifting equipment from the manufacturer 


Our company not only markets, but also manufactures lifting equipment. DIMET's manufacturing and design capabilities enable the production of lifting and handling equipment of varying design complexity. 


Our advantages:


  •  In-house designed mechanisms and constructions of lifting equipment enable the products to be optimised for the individual needs of the customers.
  •  With the help of modern technologies and patented techniques, the specialists ensure the production of technological devices and the possibility of modifying them for specific fields of work.
  •  Certification of the quality of our products (according to national and international standards).
  •  Wide range of lifting equipment: cranes of various types, iron separators, lifting beams, rope drums, lifting magnets.
  •  Affordable prices for the customer's desired equipment according to their individual design. 
  •  Works related to the installation of crane mechanisms, commissioning, maintenance under warranty.
  •  Compliance with manufacturing and delivery deadlines.
  •  Quality of services.


The coordinated work of our employees yields a high quality of products, which is confirmed by the trust of our customers and a positive evaluation by experts.

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