Magnetic spreader for the transport of long products


Fields of application
  • Steel mills
  • Rolled metal warehouses
  • Ports
  • Machine building and metal processing companies
  • Companies in the field of construction and building materials
Related devices
  • Cranes
  • Loaders
Nature of the cargo to be handled
  • Long goods transportation
  • Handling of pipes, slabs, bundled sheet metal packages or sheet metal single pieces
  • Removal of the sheets from the work benches of the plasma cutting machines
All specifications

A glance at the most important advantages

  • Increased productivity
    Increased productivity
  • Decreased maintenance and servicing time
    Decreased maintenance and servicing time
  • Easy installation, quick and uncomplicated adjustment
    Easy installation, quick and uncomplicated adjustment

DIMET is a market leader in the field of manufactoring high-quality lifting equipment and systems. The company has more than 20 years of experience gained in collaborative work with national factories at the forefront of this industry sector. During the project planning phase we consider and determine the future lifting beam and spreader designs, as well as voltage distribution, electromagnetic fields, temperature fluctuations, we also provide speed analysis. All equipment and systems we produce comply with the European quality standards and this production is characterized, among others, by the following features:

  • Provision of an optimal solution for the elimination of deflections and irregularities in the geometry of rolled metal products and workpieces based on the creation of multiple fastening points
  • Reduction of personnel costs by eliminating the necessity of employing an additional slinger to handle the work
  • Line safety improvement by minimizing the risk of load breakage due to the small contact area of the single magnets.
  • Storage capacities capable of being used more efficiently due to the elimination of interruptions in the process flows between billet and bar stacks.


DIMET special range of magnet lifting devices for handling pipes, slabs, bundles of sheet metal and other non-standard long products

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