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Uninterrupted power supplies for electromagnets

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  • Standby power supply for electromagnet
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Major tasks

  • Provision of operation safety, prevention from emergency cargo release after supply voltage blackout
  • Control of voltage supply on all the three network phases
  • Alarm of disappearance of the main supply and switch of the electromagnet operation to standby power supply from batteries
  • Connected parallel to electromagnet

Key features

  • Convenience of operation: application of unattended accumulatores (service life up to 10 years) in the circuit of uninterrupted power supply, status monitoring of each battery, automatic battery recharge
  • Limitation of the maximum output voltage at the level of 220+5% V, which prevents from electromagnet breakdown
  • Alphanumeric display of the current parameters, working modes and emergency shutoffs, audio alarm of emergency situations secures the convenience of operation of this equipment  

Technical data

Parameters IBPN-500-100A IBPN-500-150A IBPN-500-200A IBPN-500-250A
Power supply three-phase three-phase three-phase three-phase
Voltage supply, V 380+60 380+60 380+60 380+60
Frequency, Hz 50 50 50 50
Permanent output voltage, V 220+5% 220+5% 220+5% 220+5%
Battery operation at least, min 15 15 15 15
Max. permissible current, A 100 150 200 250
Overall dimensions at most, mm 1595х1020х640 1595х1020х640 1320х1805х580 1320х1805х580
Weight at most, kg 410 430 640 660

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